1. 08 Curva Peligrosa
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I rode all day, far down the Mexican way,
Found myself an old cantina.
Dusty to the bone, I made the barstool my home &
I drank myself four fingers of tequila.

I was thinkin’ about a dame and this heart filled with pain
As the worm it started taking its effect
What else could I say, well my heartache went away,
And I began to scan the room for a prospect.

It's a curva peligrosa
You know you shouldn't go so fast.
Curva peligrosa,
You know you gotta make this last.

Then the music changed its tempo, as the lights went down,
There she stood a brown haired senorita.
Her body how it moved, so consumed within a groove
She danced around me slow as I got wasted.

I was thinking what to say, what kind of lie I would portray
To take this fine young thing up to the sack
She walked across the floor, I through my eyes toward the door,
That's when I felt her arms around my back.

Curva Peligrosa
You know you shouldn't go so fast.
Curva peligrosa,
You know you've gotta make this last.

It took less than half an hour, fore' every song they played was ours,
I talked her into heading for the trail
I held her close, I held her tight, as we sank into the night
Imagine if you will this sordid tale

As I finally nodded off, I dreamed of la Chiquita, smiling as she climbed on top,
Right then I awoke, Lord I found that I was broke,
She’d run off with my wallet and my watch

© 2012 Thief River